Colloidal Mineral Family Pack 1000ml


Aktivierend, reinigend, energetisierend und erfrischend. In großer und schön gestalteter Flasche, für die ganze Familie.

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Colloidal Zinc Essence
Zinc is a trace element that is part of a large number of enzymes in the body that are involved in metabolism. Zinc is important for the construction of proteins, the growth and development of tissue, and the proper functioning of the immune and immune system.
Colloidal Zinc Essence is a nanozinc produced according to a completely unique process. However, the principle is very simple: the purest smallest zinc cells are released with a bipolar, multi-frequency high voltage resonance system. Thanks to this refined method, you get particularly high-quality pure colloidal zinc that is informed with a broad spectrum of multi-frequencies as found in nature. A lightning discharge takes place between the pure silver electrodes in the distilled water, causing the zinc particles to dissipate and float. This is therefore not an electrolysis process (oxidation).

Colloidal Zinc Essence is particularly suitable for increasing resistance and energy and has a cleansing effect thanks to the addition of Colloidal Silver Essence.

Unique packaging
The packaging of the Colloidal Zinc Essence is made of energizing violet glass. This glass has special properties (see violet glass). Never throw these bottles away! You can use them well to store water or other products.Translated with (free version)