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The water purifier Aquaphor Modern V2 White was developed as an effective and extremely economical table model filter to provide safe, purified drinking water.

Among other things, the following impurities are removed on a percentage basis:

  • heavy metals: 98%; Chlorine: 100%.
  • Organic Substances: 98%; Phenol: 99%.
  • Pesticides: 95%.
  • and many other substances that do not belong in your water.

Reliable protection against germs thanks to the long service life of the silver filter, permanently installed in a patented fiber composite.
Quick installation on the faucet with switch button, so that the function of the faucet is not affected.

Filter carcass content: approx. 4000 liters or 6 months.


  • Aquaphor Modern
  • Incl. 2 AQUALEN filter cartridges already installed in the filter.
  • Incl. diverter valve and
  • 1 x crane adapter M22xM24
  • 1 x Universal Crane Adapter for Clamps
  • Please unscrew your vent/strainer piece and measure the wire. If it is not an internal thread M24 or external thread M22, you should order an adapter.
  • Instructions for use

When using the filter for the first time, do not use the first 10 liters of filtered water and flush it away. The presence of a dark sediment (coal dust) in this water does not indicate a defective filter. Before using the filter for the first time and after each replacement of the module, open the calendar cover by putting the hand and the month in the correct position. Carry out the following module exchange. To replace the module (1), turn it one turn counterclockwise with respect to the switching valve (2) and carefully remove the module (1). Insert the new module (1) vertically and carefully insert it into the switching valve (2) as far as it will go, then turn the new module (1) one turn clockwise (Fig. 3). If the aerator (8) is clogged, unscrew and flush.


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