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What does the swing zapper do?
Your wellbeing will improve and we hear that the discomfort is disappearing and people are feeling better in their own skin. In order to achieve an optimal result during the treatment, an additional herbal treatment is recommended. Ask for advice from Meditech or your therapist. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding harmful substances from the outside (e.g. smoking and cosmetics with toxins) also make a positive contribution to using the Swing Zapper. Switching to organic food and other products often offers a positive contribution as well.

How does the swing zapper work?
The word “swing” in Swing Zapper means a variable frequency within a set range. This variable frequency ensures that parasites and other invaders cannot protect themselves against or become immune to treatment. The area that is treated is therefore much larger than with any other zapper. There is no need to set frequencies or use different chips.

Another unique piece of technology is the power system built into your Swing Zapper. The practice and research of Dr. Puharich (according to the effect of the so-called Möbius coil) in the well-known Max Planck Institute and the well-known scientist Dr. Glen Rein, confirm that this has a positive impact on the result. A simple test shows that this energy system works. If you activate the Swing Zapper and place it against a glass of wine or water, the taste often changes within a short time. The energetic field is generated directly in the Swing Zapper.

How to use the Swing Zapper?

  • Connect the hand electrodes on the Swing Zapper using the cables
  • Place the Swing Zapper on a stable surface that is not too smooth.
  • Put the hand electrodes in your hand and press ON (use red on the left and black on the right). When the light flashes, the Swing Zapper is working.
  • The Swing Zapper works automatically with a program of 7 minutes. It turns off automatically after 7 minutes.

What does a treatment with the Swing Zapper look like?

  • A full regimen begins with using the Swing Zapper for 7 minutes, three times a day, with 20 minute breaks. Toxic substances that are released must be thoroughly eliminated, hence the repetition.
  • After a week, increase the frequency to every other day or to the frequency discussed with your therapist.
  • Keep drinking enough to speed up the elimination of toxins.
  • Also, please make sure you get enough rest: your body eliminates toxins (poisons) and you may feel tired afterwards.

When the Swing Zapper is in operation, the output voltage, even under load, remains – 10 volts. If you measure with a voltmeter, this is about 5 volts. This is due to the positive offset. You measure half the voltage. This continuous voltage of 10 volts ensures an optimal result.

Our tip for maintenance: avoid moisture, heat and extreme cold. You should handle the Swing Zapper carefully. You can replace the electrodes with an environmentally friendly means, such as. clean young grain genever.

The swing zapper works on two one and a half volt batteries.

Please note that the hand electrodes are only used on the hand, do not put them on other parts of the body.


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