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A fresh, sustainable way to take care of your mouth. The Soladey-3 ionic toothbrushes are ideal for people who want to keep their teeth clean and healthy naturally. The Soladey ionic toothbrush helps you with the power of light and ionization. Thanks to its handy design, it can be used anywhere that light is available.

The importance of good oral care

Oral care is very important. Due to our Western diets, there is a high risk of plaque and bacteria building up in our mouths, causing tooth decay and gum disease. If you brush your teeth regularly, you will avoid these inconveniences.

A healthy mouth with the power of light

The Soladey ionic toothbrush has a slightly activated titanium dioxide stick in the handle. When light hits the solar panel in the handle, the titanium dioxide rod gets charged. When it comes into contact with the saliva in the mouth, the saliva becomes loaded with ions. These ions quickly and effectively neutralize bacteria and plaque. This clever system of oral hygiene makes toothpaste superfluous. If you still want to use toothpaste, you can of course use that too. We offer a beautiful organic toothpaste that gives you that fresh taste in your mouth you are used to without being toxic.

Ideal for outdoor athletes and travelers

The practical design of the Soladey-3 ionic toothbrush makes it very easy to take with you on trips, camping or multi-day outdoor sporting events. The saliva and the rinsing water have no effect on the environment, so you can keep your teeth clean anytime, anywhere, in a very natural and long-lasting way.

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