Rife Therapy Tube Violet


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The Rife Therapy Tube Violet is a Rife lamp filled with argon gas. It replaces the argon therapy tube, which is no longer available.

The Rife Therapy Tube Violet is bigger, more powerful than ever, and better for multitasking.

The size of the entire device:

Length: 19cm

Width: 5.5cm

When the Rife Therapy Tube Violet is connected to the Multiwave Oscillator, the argon gas mixture ignites. The resulting violet light has a beneficial effect when you gently and slowly massage the Rife Therapy Tube Violet over your skin.

The high-frequency resonance emitted by the lamp creates a feeling of enlightenment in the areas where you massage with the lamp. We recommend using the Rife Therapy Tube on affected areas on or under the skin. You can also use them on the soles of the feet, where many energy points and nerves lie just under the skin.

Our own experiences show some remarkable results: higher blood oxygen levels, better muscle activity, pain relief in bone, muscle and skin tissue.


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