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    Your next step to a better quality of life!

    The Powerinsole® fits in every shoe and is therefore your ideal daily companion. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing sports, working, shopping, hiking, learning, relaxing – the Powerinsole can be used in almost all areas of life and brings you numerous advantages:

    • better cell regeneration / wound healing by 39.9%
    • less tension
    • Reducing muscle soreness
    • less pain after injury
    • less muscle adhesions and cramps
    • less fatigue
    • less heavy legs after long working days
    • better concentration (due to better oxygen uptake of the cells)
    • more energy

    For optimal comfort, the Powerinsole® should be in the area of the arch of the foot.

    The Powerinsole® can easily be swapped from one shoe to another. If the adhesion of the adhesive surface is no longer guaranteed due to the high degree of soiling, simply rinse it off with water, let it dry and continue to use it.

    Each package contains 2 Powerinsole®!

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