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Portable water still MD 4L
Steam Distillation: The pinnacle of purity:

Steam distillation is considered a good method to purify drinking water. Steam distillation produces extremely pure water on a reasonable basis and is the only process that can bring absolute peace of mind.

Boils the water:
Steam distillation is the only water treatment process that actually boils the water. This is the single most efficient method to kill floating bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Emits the pure steam:
Steam distillation only boils the water, but separates the pure steam vents from the contaminants in the boiling water.

The steam cools down in a separate container.
The vapor is extremely pure as the contaminants remain in the boiling tank. These are flushed away below via the drainage channel.

Steam distillation and hydrological cycle:

Pure WaterLike Mother Nature cleans the water of the oceans into rainwater, the device imitates the hydrological cycle inside.
1. The device automatically fills the cooking tank with tap water.
A boiling element boils the contaminated water and pure steam rises.
The steam is sent to the refrigeration condenser and the impurities remain.
A fan cools the steam and turns it into water: pure distilled water
A stainless steel tank with a capacity of 4 liters collects the distilled water.

Quality water – a challenge for all of us

Of all our natural sources, water is perhaps the most taken for granted – until something goes horribly wrong. And that has now happened to water supplies all over the world. Almost every day we hear or read reports about problems with water. Whether it is in the US, Latin America, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East or Europe, the quality of drinking water has come under severe pressure. In the United States, a government study found groundwater contamination in every state. The same study concluded that groundwater quality will continue to deteriorate, threatening the health of the entire country.

This process is very popular in markets around the world. Even without prior treatment of the water, it can be used with almost any water. Delivery, regardless of the quality. The system is extremely effective against a wide range of biological, inorganic and organic contaminants. Although you, as an individual, may not be able to protect public and domestic water supplies from contamination, you can provide fresh, clean, great-tasting drinking water for your family yourself with a distillation system.

According to RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment)

Since the specification of the standard assumes a long-lasting exposure and since this is probably not the case in this situation, there is no talk of acute health risks for the time being. This sentence should certainly make you think. The things listed below occur in drinking water. The RIVM names them separately and says that they occur in low concentrations. When you add it all up, however, the story is very different. The question is whether we ourselves are able to bear our responsibility.
Legionella, Lead, Nitrate, Chlorine, Pesticides, Drugs.


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