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With the help of the Polarizer Plate you can experience how to play, work and change energy. It can be clearly tasted and often felt well. No magic and no dirty tricks! Clear scientific and electronic laws. Be amazed at how easy it is – the possibilities are endless.

Holding your hand on the Polarizer Plate creates a powerful field that you can use to energize or find relaxation. Try it once. Place the polarizer plate on your left hand with the rings facing up and hold your right hand slightly over the polarizer plate. Feel what is happening. You often hear reactions like: My hand is getting really warm! Or: I feel tingling in my fingers. Hold the Polarizer Plate in your right hand and then on your child’s back or stomach and feel the calming effect this often has – also on you.


Place the polarizer plate in your phone, in the case, or stick it on the back of the phone. You will be amazed by the result!

The Polarizer Plate with its matching rings is a nice example of how to play with energy. The rings are actually tuned, oscillating antenna rings or open coils. These rings can receive and retransmit in real time. The Polarizer Plate already reacts to very subtle changes in energy, which creates induction. This field can bring about a strong change and above all has a polarizing and strongly energetic effect.

Children and animals in particular react intuitively. So don’t be surprised if the Polarizer Plate is in the dog basket and your dog won’t let you take it away! The animal realizes that it is good and feels good about it. Of course, you can also carry the Polarizer Plate with you on a lanyard, in your pocket or in a place that suits you best.

Every medium such as water, liquids, food, plants and also humans and animals have a field and send out information. The Polarizer Plate reacts to this by means of induction, inverts and emits a wide range of vibrations (frequencies), which makes the taste of water milder, lively and energetic again. The taste of other liquids can change significantly due to the non-natural (read: toxic) flavorings and colorings added, and even non-natural beer can taste like water.

Also a nice test: under the plate with food or the dessert. Place the polarizer plate under the food plate. You can often taste how the food slowly takes on a milder taste and is also becoming more digestible. Desserts are often particularly interesting, especially those from the supermarket. According to experts, such so-called “food” is nothing more than luxuriously packaged waste and should not be considered food due to the residues processed in it.

The polarizer plate stays active even when there appears to be nothing around. The environment is full of information. Think of all the wireless systems at home, on the street, in town, in the city or at work. Absolute madness. Not that the Polarizer Plate eliminates all disruptive factors. Technically speaking, it constantly reverses information and sends it back polarized to the environment. This effect can be enhanced, for example by placing a crystal on it.

Always ensure that the polarizer plate is dry and that the rings on the plate do not come into contact with metal or other conductive materials. An optimal function is then not guaranteed. You can use the polarizer plate on both sides. You can carry it in a pouch to treat an area or help someone else.

Place the polarizer on a painful area or on the solar plexus and experience the difference. The pain may increase slightly at first, but will subside shortly thereafter. If you place the Polarizer Plate on your solar plexus, you will come to rest. Just follow your instincts and experiment as much as you like.

Give water to plants that have been on the Polarizer Plate for half an hour or put plants that could use some energy on it, for example cut flowers. If you or your child sleep restlessly, place the Polarizer Plate under the pillow or mattress. Place a crystal on the Polarizer Plate and feel the energy shift in space.

Thoughts are forces too; even the intention to do something sets the phenomenon in motion. It has been found that thoughts can affect and shape tiny particles. Your biological system reacts instantly to a thought. Your muscles show this immediately by getting stronger or weaker, which can be determined directly with muscle tests and/or measurements. The environment, to which other people, animals and plants belong, also reacts consciously or on an unconscious level. Distances don’t seem to exist. For more information, see Lynne McTaggart’s book: Intention.

According to Rupert Sheldrake, every living thing has its own morpho-energetic field. So every hair, every saliva and every photo is a part of this field. For many years people have placed a photo or something of someone they care about on or in a strong energetic field to send positive energy to that person from a distance. It is even scientifically proven that the thought helps. Not that this would make a difference. But it’s good to know that nothing is impossible, isn’t it?


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