Polarizer Plate Black (70mm)


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The Black Polarizer Plate is a wonderful product for educating people about energy, frequencies and the impact they have on us and our environment. It is the strongest polarizer plate in the polarizer plate series!

The Polarizer Plate with its tinted rings is a good example of how to play with your energy. The rings are real tinted oscillating antenna rings or open coils. These rings can receive and transmit in real time. The polarizer plate reacts to the smallest change in energy and generates induction. This field can bring about a strong change and has a particularly polarizing and highly energetic effect.

Every medium like water, liquids, food, plants and also humans and animals have their own field and transmit information. The Polarizer Plate responds to this through induction, reversal and emits a wide spectrum of frequencies that make the water taste softer, livelier and more energetic. Other liquids can taste different due to added toxic flavors and colorings, and even beer can taste like water.

A fun test is to hold the black polarizer plate under a glass of water. Next to this glass, take another glass of water and put it on the table.

After 5-10 minutes, take a sip from both glasses and you will experience the power of the Polarizer Plate! It’s really amazing!

Even if there is nothing near the polarizer plate, it is active. The environment is so full of information. Just think of all the wireless systems that are in the house, on the street, in the village, in the city or at work. That’s enough to drive a person crazy. The Polarizer Plate cannot solve everything. Technically, he’s constantly inverting information and sending it back polarized. This effect can be intensified, for example, by placing a crystal on top.

Always ensure that the polarizer plate is dry and that there is no contact between the rings and metal or other conductive material. Then they do not work optimally. You can use both sides of the polarizer plate. You can carry it with you in a small bag or treat a spot on your body or help someone else.

Place the Polarizer Plate on a painful area or on the solar plexus (the third chakra) and experience the change. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. Putting it on your solar plexus will relax you. Follow your instincts and experiment as much as you like.

Water your plants with water that has been sitting on the polarizer plate for half an hour or place a plant that could use some energy on top. For example flowers. If your child has restless sleep, place the polarizer plate under the pillow or mattress. Place a crystal on the Polarizer Plate and feel the energy change in the room.


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