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The technique of using high frequencies/voltages at low currents (in amperes) in living organisms such as plants is very old. The technique was invented around 1890 by Dr. Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist who also discovered alternating current. Thanks to him we can use electricity in our homes, street lighting, etc.

Since then, many devices have been brought onto the market that use this technology. The original device, the basis of MWO therapy, came from the French scientist George Lakhovsky, who worked in Paris around 1920. He developed the view that the genes and chromosomes in all living cells are in constant motion. He further concluded that they work like tiny radio transmitters and receivers. Also, they would have a resonant frequency due to their size, shape, and capacitance.

According to Lakhovsky, when cells are exposed to a variety of electromagnetic waves from the lower part of the electromagnetic spectrum, they absorb energy corresponding to their resonant frequency, provided the strength of the magnetic waves is neither too strong nor too weak. Lakhovsky has done a lot of research into the implications of this theory.

Experiments with very high voltages have shown that when used correctly, physical problems can be treated very quickly and effectively. It has also been shown to heal infections and wounds very quickly. These high frequencies and voltages cannot be applied directly to the body. Lakhovsky therefore invented an antenna system with which the frequencies are amplified and thus transmitted to the body. Later, this technique was also used successfully by others, such as RR Rife.

Meditech Europe was able to take advantage of Georges Lakhovsky’s knowledge and skills thanks to a close collaboration with his son. Using Lakhovsky’s technical data and the specifications known from the systems he used during his studies, particularly in Paris, we were able to create the product we offer today.

We’ve tweaked a few things over the last few years:

  • We built the Tesla coil into the MWO driver and no longer attached it to the antenna. There are several reasons for this. The construction is not easy to do without adding too much weight and it is important to keep the product handy so that everyone can use it.
  • We no longer work with a battery. The Multiwave Oscillator uses the “normal” power of the power grid. This is because today we can use extremely good and stable transformers that deliver a very even voltage. If a customer still wants a battery version, we can produce it for an additional charge.
  • MWO conversion has been changed. The effect of the case is heat-resistant, non-reactive to high voltage, durable and lightweight. This means a weight difference of 3.5 kg compared to the previous versions.


What does the multiwave oscillator do exactly?

The multiwave oscillator changes the current (your mains) from 220 volts to a voltage of 10,000 volts. Thanks to the Tesla coil and a spark gap, this power is ramped up to 120,000 volts. At the same time, the current levels are very low (0.1 mA), so that the voltage is not dangerous to touch. Together with the high voltages, an enormously wide range of frequencies is generated. This happens in the spark gap, an invention developed by Lakhovsky. This process is accompanied by a kind of “rattling” sound. When the Multiwave is connected to the Lakhovsky antennas, the high voltages and frequency spectrum are sent through the antennas. The specially tuned antennas in combination with the precisely measured diameters and the carefully constructed materials amplify the voltages and frequencies. This creates an enormously strong energy field that is perceptible to most people. If this is imperceptible, the energy field can be seen by holding a fluorescent tube between the antennae. This then lights up spontaneously.

It is this energy field that acts on the human body, but also on animals, plants and food. For example, it is possible to bring the structure of water into a form that our body can process more easily.


Effects reported by users of the MWO

  • Tingling in the body, often particularly intense in the area of the body where you are concerned.
  • relaxation throughout the body
  • A stillness in the mind that is often described as a kind of trance
  • Fatigue after the first 3-5 uses of MWO. According to the research of Dr. Fischer explains this by the many processes in the body that are activated.
  • New energy, joie de vivre.
  • emotions


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