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The H 2 Xtra hydrogen generator is designed with high design standards and is of the highest quality (engineered in Germany). Experience the taste and the effects of the activated water, you will be amazed and don’t want to miss it anymore! Your friends and acquaintances will envy you and will certainly become curious.

Benefits of H2Xtra

H 2 Xtra makes water enriched with hydrogen gas for you. The water tastes soft and, due to its exceptional redox potential, neutralizes free radicals in the human body, among other things. You feel fresh and revitalized. Users report a sustained, significant energy boost. Over 1,000 published studies report on a variety of effects on well-being, vitality and often on an increase in performance. Possible side effect: Contagious health.

The daily amount of drinking water recommended by leading water experts worldwide is about one third of a liter per 10kg of body weight. Example: 75kg : 10 = 7.5 x 0.3 liters = 2.25 liters

Drink yourself healthy !


  • Hydrogen enrichment approx. 0.2 ppm (parts per million) per minute, full hydrogen saturation of approx. 2.8 ppm H 2 content after 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Suitable for any type of still drinking water, including distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water.
  • Can be charged from any USB power source, ideal for on the go.
    Charging time approx. 90 minutes – after a full charge approx. 10 applications of 7 minutes each are possible.

scope of delivery

  • H 2 Xtra battery powered hydrogen generator
  • 2 glass containers (waisted approx. 300ml / cylindrical approx. 400ml)
  • 2 lids with pressure relief valve
  • 2 adapter rings for holding plastic bottles
  • Charging cable (mini USB) incl. socket adapter
  • Citric acid granules for cleaning
  • 2 year guarantee


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