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To optimize the residential, living and working environment


Wisely, you should polarize geopathic stress (earth rays), electrical stress, and other influences.

What is the polarizer antenna?

The Polarizer antenna is an antenna system that absorbs, concentrates, regroups, inverts and re-transmits an infinitely wide range of wavelengths. It protects biological systems – all life forms – from harmful radiation emitted by microwave strings, microwave ovens, television sets, TL tubes, television and radar stations, microwave transmission towers, towers, radio, telephone and X-ray machines, computers, the power grid, AC powered tools and apparatus is produced. It neutralizes interfering radiation that has penetrated food, water and other beverages. In addition to normalizing the electromagnetically and geopathically (earth rays) polluted environment, it enriches the aura of biological systems by eliminating obstructive vibrations in their electrical fields.

What is the shape and size of the life field polarizer?

The polarizer is an insulated box with a fixed antenna. The width is 11 cm and the height is 28 cm. It does not require any chargeable energy, the service life is unlimited, and installation and maintenance are not required. Never open the polarizer or the screw in the bottom. By doing so you damage the system and the antenna is filled with carefully selected crystal powders.

How does the polarizer antenna affect the human aura?

All living beings are surrounded by an aura. Their electric fields emit a light that is mostly invisible to humans. However, the aura can be measured using various techniques, including Kirlian photography. Named after the Russian couple who developed it, this system uses a Tesla coil connected to a metal plate. The film and the object to be photographed are placed on the plate in the dark. When a high electrical voltage is applied, the film takes a picture of the reflection of the object and the surrounding field. Images of the aura are widely used to determine biological activity and vitality. For those interested, the book “Darkside of The Brain” by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill is a real study object.

The polarizer antenna is the result of years of research by some scientists specializing in physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, metallurgy and many other fields. The work of the Russian scientist George Lakhovsky also offers interested parties a lot of information (book “Secret of Life”). Lakhovsky is best known for his special results with the Multi Wave Oscillator.

Why is polarization essential for your health?

Many an expert recognizes that declining vitality precedes a loss of health. Through various tensions we lose our vitality. Since biological systems function electrically in an electric wave universe, the stresses of the urban electromagnetic environment are very harmful. The artificial electromagnetic radiation (which also greatly influences the geopathic load) impairs the fundamental electrical function, whereby the vitality is restricted and finally “disease symptoms” appear.

A phenomenon known to doctors and therapists is that when there is considerable stress, for example from electrostress and/or geopathic stress, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, minerals and medicines have practically no or only a very moderate effect. By harmonizing the electromagnetically and/or geopathically polluted environment, the Polarizer antenna restores the connection between the body’s electrical fields and provides all the information that is essential for the body to function optimally. The polarization also regenerates, amplifies and revitalizes the normal frequencies for cellular oscillation. With new coherence and new vitality, the life field – the biological, bioelectrical blueprint of life – assuming that all laws of nature are observed, can produce the physical antithesis without symptoms of disturbance.

How can the Lebensfeld polarizer be used optimally?

Be careful with the polarizer antenna. It is a delicate and powerful instrument. Don’t drop them! If this happens unexpectedly and the device rattles when shaken, send it to Meditech Europe.

In order to polarize the electrical systems and the geopathic load (earth radiation) at home and at work, the polarizer antenna only has to be placed on the floor in the respective room. The best result is obtained when the polarizer antenna is positioned on a load. Harmonic vibrations are then sent out throughout the room. The Lebensfeld Polarizer was specially developed for electrostress, a simple instrument that is connected to the socket via a cable.

To neutralize the effect of geopathic stress, position the polarizer antenna in the stressed area. You can immediately test the energy difference using the test procedure, which you will find later in this description. Sensitive people usually feel the difference in energy immediately. You can influence the effect by loosening or tightening the screw at the top of the antenna by one turn. Fixed equals 100%.

The Polarizer antenna is an ideal optimization tool for the bedroom. You are much more receptive to information at night. If the sleeping environment is not optimal, it can have a major impact on your functioning. So make sure your sleeping space provides you with the revitalizing information you need.

Place the polarizer on painful parts of the body, often reflecting an underlying life force blockage. In a few minutes a day, you can clear your life field of electrical interference and energy flow blockages that can cause pain.

The more you learn about energy, matter and form, the more you will understand the impact and benefits of your polarizer antenna. You will also become more aware of what health is all about. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We always have an open ear for you and are particularly interested in your experiences with the Polarizer antenna. Avoid unpolarized environments. We care about your health and well-being.

If you’re smart, you polarize.

How to test a person to show that the Polarizer antenna protects against geopathic pollution (earth rays) and/or electromagnetic radiation?

Polarizer Antenna Series 3Kinesiology (muscle exam) is an excellent way to check the benefits of your polarizer. Muscle assessment is considered a proven science and taught in several of America’s leading institutions of higher education. For example, UCLA offers a PhD in Kinesiology. It is used in many areas, including chiropractors.

We only need a little for this. We take a muscle of the whole, like the deltoid in the shoulder, and use that muscle to test everything we come in contact with. It only takes about 40 pounds of pressure to damage a healthy deltoid. IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT INJURY YOUR STUDY OBJECT BY EXPRESSING TOO HIGH PRESSURE. You need to press just hard enough to test the springiness and mobility in the arm, not so hard that the muscle tires. It’s not about who’s stronger, it’s about whether the deltoid can close the shoulder against the pressure being applied. They only test to the point where the deltoid becomes weak.

It makes the most sense to do an A/B comparison.

You position the test object on a non-directly stressed area and carry out the (kinesiology) muscle test. Then position your test subject on a stressed area (geopathic stress, terrestrial radiation, or near a TV or clock radio) and repeat the muscle test. If it is weaker, place the polarizer antenna in the same room and repeat the test. You will find that the muscle is significantly stronger. So he has more power. Some people will argue that you push harder or less hard. Place these study objects on a bathroom scale and repeat the tests.

To check a person:

Have the person stand straight with the right arm relaxed along the side and the left arm aligned parallel to the floor with the elbow straight and closed in this position.
Stand in front of the person and place your left hand on the person’s right shoulder to support the person. Then place your right hand on the outstretched arm just above the wrist.
Tell the person that you will try to push the arm down while the person has to use all their strength to counter it.
Now apply quick and strong pressure to your arm. It’s about pushing the arm down just hard enough to find the point where the deltoid becomes weak and the arm can’t stay in that position without using the rest of your body.
Now position your study subject on a geopathic strain, or using a hair dryer, razor, or other hand-held device, plug it into the outlet.
Have the person stand on the load or turn on the equipment and retest the arm. The arm will be weaker than before. He will have almost no strength.
Turn off the device and test the arm again. Now the arm will be stronger than with the power on.
Set up the polarizer antenna. Turn the device back on and have the person hold it in his/her hand. Check the strength in his/her arm. The arm will be much stronger than before due to the harmonizing effect of the polarizer.
You can also check the person for TV or microwave rays. If no polarizer antenna is positioned, the arm will be weak. When the energy is emitted from the polarizer antenna, the arm will remain strong.
Excerpted from “Behavorial Kinesiology” by John Diamond MD, President of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Harper & Row Publishing.

Test for polarity reversing circuit switching

Steven Cordas, in his foreword to the book Healing Energies, writes: Humanity has within itself a complex electrical system controlled by a computer larger than a Xerox and an IBM combined, each cell containing a microtransformer and capacitor as well as is a rudimentary memory chip. So it seems obvious that impediments to the functioning of the computer will cause glitches in the system.

Due to a variety of unnatural voltages, not the least of which is human-generated electrical energy, most people tested in urban areas have polarity reversal. These disturbances in magnetic current or flux (switching) reflect poorly recovering energy. Nor can we expect a computer system to function properly if a short circuit occurs.

To test for eventual polarity reversal, have the subject extend their left arm, with their elbow straight, as described above. Have the person place the heel of his/her right palm on his/her head and test.

He/she should be strong when the heel of the right hand is on the head and weaker when the back of the right hand is on the head. You will probably find that most people are weak when they should be strong and strong when they should be weak. The polarity is then reversed or switched and virtually the system functions without adequate energy and information.

They take the polarizer and hold it over the person’s thymus gland and test again. The results show that the switching problem is corrected immediately. If the polarizer is held in this position for a while, that person’s test results will generally be “normal” after the polarizer is removed. The result, of course, is temporary unless the person takes steps to protect themselves by polarizing themselves and their electromagnetic environment.

The polarizer antenna and the life field polarizer are available to optimize your living environment and yourself. If you would like your house (company) to be cleared by a specialist, please contact us.

Also available: The Personal Polarizer is a beautifully designed device that can easily be hung with a ribbon or chain. It’s a simple, well thought out oscillation and antenna system. A crystal increases the effect. The result is usually more peace and balance.


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