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How does polarization work?

Radiation is everywhere these days. Think 4G, 5G, microwave ovens, TVs, fluorescent lights, TV and radar stations, microwave transmission towers, transmission towers, cellular and telephone equipment, the direct dial phone, computers, the power grid, tools and equipment that run on AC motors. Add to that Wi-Fi and the smart meter in your meter box.

Why should I install a Lebensfeld Polarizer Pro+?

– The Lebensveld Polarizer Pro+ protects and optimizes biological systems and all forms of life. It is an antenna system that absorbs, concentrates, inverts and re-emits a wide range of wavelengths.

– Every medium like water, liquids, food, plants and also humans and animals have a field and transmit information. In addition to normalizing the electromagnetic environment and reducing electrosmog, the energy field (also called aura) is supplemented by eliminating disruptive dissonant vibrations in their electrical fields.

– In addition to protecting against and neutralizing harmful wavelengths, this polarizer also has a regenerating, strengthening and vitalizing effect on the normal frequencies for cellular vibrations.

– Grounding the electrical wiring system in the home to the water supply, as is required in many countries, also corrects the electrical patterns of the substances in the water. The water is energized rather than diffused, and the benefits are greater than any commercially distilled water we’ve tested.

– The Lebensveld Polarizer Pro+ not only protects against harmful wavelengths and neutralizes them, but also has a regenerating, strengthening and revitalizing effect on the normal frequencies of cell vibrations.

How does the Lebensfeld Polarizer Pro+ work?

– The polarizers in our range are not battery operated and have a built-in antenna system. Set up our Lebensveld Polarizer Pro in a place that is close to you or in a place where you spend a lot of time. If you want, you can also take the Field Polarizer Pro with you when you go somewhere else.

– The Lebensveld Polarizer Pro+ contains rock crystal, tourmaline and hematite, among other things. These are both very beneficial to the body when there are many interfering frequencies in your environment, such as B. 4G, 5G, multiple WiFi channels (just check your phone by searching for all WiFi networks it can find). The effect of these crystals is significantly enhanced by the polarizer plate used in combination with the stimulating effect of the copper.

– All components of the Lebensveld Polarizer Pro+ have been intensively treated in a “bath of frequencies”. They have been programmed with information from the Multiwave Oscillator for an hour. The effect of the Vivifield Polarizer Pro is therefore even more intensive and beneficial than before.

– This Lebensveld Polarizer Pro+ is specially designed for spaces like your home and work environment. You can just take him with you.

– Harmonic vibrations are radiated throughout the room. The electrical fields of all devices connected to the line system are in harmony with the biological systems of life.

To use: Be careful when using the Lebensveld Polarizer Pro+: do not drop it or get it wet! It is a sturdy product and can take a beating, but it is better to handle it with care.
If it accidentally falls and makes a rattling noise when shaken, please send it to Meditech Europe for repair. We will gladly do this for you!


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