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The Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+ is an antenna system that combines Lakhovsky technology with the specific effect of crystals. The Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+ absorbs, concentrates, rearranges and emits an infinitely wide spectrum of wavelengths. This version has been specially developed for areas such as your living and working environment. Because the socket increases the effect and the range is enormous!


How does polarization work?

Radiation is everywhere these days. Think of microwave ovens, televisions, fluorescent lights, television and radar stations, microwave transmission towers, radio and telephone equipment, telephones, computers, the power grid, tools and equipment powered by AC motors. And to top it all off: Wi-Fi and the smart meter in your meter box.
For us, this is completely unacceptable, as it leads to serious damage to health. With what we offer you, we will not say: “insert a polarizer and the problem is solved”. The load is constantly increasing, so we constantly have to rule out what is harmful.


Why should I install a Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+?

  • Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+ contains a combination of copper, tin, carbon, rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst and cleans the energy in rooms and brings balance and harmony. These crystals all have special properties, but they also complement each other in special ways.
  • A life field polarizer protects and optimizes biological systems and all forms of life. It is an antenna system that absorbs, concentrates, inverts and re-radiates a wide range of wavelengths.
  • Every medium like water, liquids, food, plants and also humans and animals have a field and transmit information. In addition to normalizing the electromagnetic environment and reducing electrosmog, the energy field (also called aura) is supplemented by eliminating disruptive dissonant oscillations in the electric fields.
  • This polarizer not only protects against and neutralizes harmful wavelengths, but also has a regenerating, strengthening and revitalizing effect on the normal frequencies of cellular vibrations.
    When the electrical wiring in the home is grounded to the water main, as is required in many countries, the electrical patterns of the substances in the water are also corrected. The water becomes energetic, not depleting, and the benefits are greater than any commercially distilled water we’ve tested.


How does the Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+ work?

  • The polarizers in our range are NOT battery operated and have a built in antenna system. Our Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+ is plugged into the socket and uses the cable as an antenna.
  • All components of the Levensveld Polarizer Gold+ are intensively treated in a “bath of frequencies”. You will be programmed with information from the Multiwave Oscillator for one hour, with a frequency range from 144 Hz to 12,300 GHz. The effect of the Lebensfeld Polarizer Gold+ is therefore even more intensive and beneficial than before.
  • This polarizer is specially designed for areas like your home and work environment as it amplifies the effect and turns the whole cable system into a powerful antenna.
  • Harmonic vibrations are radiated throughout the building. The electric fields of all devices connected to the piping system will be in harmony with the biological life systems.
  • Usually only one polarizer is needed for each electronic cable system.

How to use: Be careful when using the Lebensfeld polarizer: don’t drop it or get it wet! If this happens accidentally and the device makes a rattling noise when shaken, please send it to Meditech Europe for repair or replacement.


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