Himalayan Tired Legs – Essence Magnesium Oil


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This original Tibetan Essence Magnesium Oil is a blend of essential magnesium and essential oils. The recipe of the soothing fragrances in combination with magnesium oil comes from a Tibetan kum nye master who uses it on his clients to calm down and recover tired and/or heavy legs.

Magnesium essential oil for tired, heavy legs or shop window legs.
This magnesium essential oil helps you relax and nourishes tired, heavy legs or window legs. This Magnesium Essential Oil is made with essential Himalayan Magnesium and the purest essential oils. Only 100% natural essential plant oils are used.

Health Effects of Magnesium
Magnesium is well known in general for its supportive effects on the body and mind. It is one of the most scientifically researched minerals and has the following recognized effects on health and well-being

• Helps maintain strong bones
• Contributes to the cell renewal process
• Aids in normal protein synthesis
• Magnesium contributes to a good electrolyte balance
• Activates your natural energy in the body
• Is important for building strong teeth
• Contributes to psychological resilience
• Is important for normal muscle function
• Plays a role in maintaining supple muscles
• Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
• Has a positive impact on the functioning of the nervous system

Apply this enriching essential oil directly to the hips, thighs and lower legs, massaging gently. It is recommended to shake the bottle briefly before each use to mix the magnesium and oil well together.


• Aqua
• 31% magnesium chloride
• Citrus Sinensis Peel Oil
• Cedrus Deodara wood oil
• Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

Contains no dyes, preservatives, chemical pesticides or synthetic additives.

Avoid contact with eyes. Don’t ingest. Keep out of reach of children.


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