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The energy disc is a direct (quantum) energy generator – a harmonic resonator. The combination of different simple techniques makes it an interesting and versatile product. The disk has a size of 7 cm and a circumference of 30 cm.

Best results are achieved when a cup of coffee is placed on top. The taste changes immediately. Water tastes softer and lighter. Put the slice under the plate so that food can be better digested. Normally, the taste of food changes little, which many people find pleasant.

The energy disc is made of aluminum, which is a wonderful energy carrier. There is no hocus pocus involved here. In itself this is not a world novelty and yet something different.

Energy is an inexhaustible source that we need to live. Food is only a small part of that. We get the rest from other sources such as the sun, air, cosmos, environment, thought, meditation, breathing and as Brandon Bays says, “Clean your house!” In other words, tidy up.

How can I use the disc immediately?

energy disc

The energy disk is available in the sizes 7 and 30 cm

Use the disc for more energetic water. Water your plants with it and give it to your pets. Upgrade food and drinks. Place the energy disk on a painful area or injury. Give the disc to your child to play with and see what happens. Animals like the energy and often become calmer. The energy disc can also be placed on chakra points during a treatment. Some put the disc under their pillow to improve their sleep – give it a try. You can also use it to strengthen seeds. Try out different things and let the versatility surprise you. Expensive wines usually don’t taste better as a result, but cheaper ones do. Some wear the disc directly on their body – mostly on the solar plexus – or in a pocket of their pants or shirt, others in their wallet.

Energy discs have been around for many years in a wide variety of designs, with differing opinions. I was inspired by Ralph Bergstresser who introduced me to the subject of purple energy discs.


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