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Electrolyser Please read this booklet before you start using the electrolyser device.

The Electrolyser is a surprisingly cleverly designed device that gives you the ability to make your own colloidal silver solutions. The electrolyser is simple and uncomplicated to use. A bit of technology has been built into this sleek looking device that will enable you to create a solution that was impossible to create until recently. Let yourself be surprised!


Take the electrolyser and the silver electrodes out of the packaging. If the electrodes are bent, feel free to straighten them out again.


Plug the two silver electrodes into the connectors on the bottom of the electrolyser device, then test the battery by briefly immersing the electrodes in a glass of water. When the light is on, the battery is fully charged. The electrolyser is ready for use.


It is particularly easy to produce colloidal silver with the electrolyser. 1.The first step is to determine what water you want to use.
2.The second step is to pour the water into a tall glass or jug.
3.The third step is to make colloidal silver by placing the electrolyser on the glass and immersing the electrodes in the water.
4. For ingestion, please only use distilled water when making colloidal silver.
If the electrolyser is used in the right way, the silver particles are smaller than 0.005 microns.
Please follow the advice. This is how you achieve the best result.


In order to be able to produce the finest colloidal silver with your electrolyser, the water quality is of inestimable importance. The electrolyser is designed to be used with distilled water! Osmosis-filtered water or ozone-enriched water treated with the electrolyzer are both less or not suitable for ingestion. They are both arguably suitable for external use. Even distilled water you buy at the pharmacy sometimes shows different results. Not all distilled water is capable of producing the small particles that produce the best results. Try out the different types of distilled water that are available, or get yourself a water distiller. If the latter interests you, you can obtain relevant information from Meditech Europe info@meditecheurope.de.

The electrolyser naturally produces colloidal silver in any water. For example, if you use tap water to make colloidal silver that you want to use for sterilizing water, or if you want to use this as a household remedy, for example to sanitize the shower or toilet, then of course this is an excellent one possible use.

COLLOID SILVER with very small silver particles

◾Take a liter of distilled water and pour it into a glass jug. Place the electrolyser on the jug, immersing the electrodes in the water.
◾The lamp is now burning. This means that the electrolyser is working. It is important that most of the electrodes are in the water.
◾If the lamp does not light up, the battery (standard 9 volt battery) must be replaced.
◾Set a timer (egg timer) for 20 minutes (treatment time).
◾After 5 to 10 minutes, shine a highly focused beam of light through the glass to see if the nebula is visible. Then give the water a quick twisting motion.
◾The particle nebula can be bright, sometimes silvery-gold in colour. If the particle nebula is white, gray or silver, then the quality is still good. Never use a metal or plastic jug, because then the silver loses its strength.
◾Do not hold the silver electrodes against each other, as this will quickly drain the battery.


Unscrew the battery compartment with a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the 9 volt battery from the holder and carefully detach the battery clip from the battery (do not pull on the wires). Press the clip onto the new battery and place the battery back in the battery compartment. Screw the cover back onto the compartment using the Phillips screwdriver.


There is no point trying to make stronger and stronger solutions by leaving the electrolyser in the water for a long time. Then there is the effect that the silver particles clump together. Therefore it is better to have a good colloidal silver solution than a solution that contains too much silver and is less effective. Twenty minutes is a long enough time for one liter of water.


After twenty minutes, a soft substance will be present on the electrodes. Then carefully remove the electrolyser from the glass/jug and immediately clean the electrodes with a cloth or sponge. Please do not use cleaning agents or detergents. Stir the water with a plastic or wooden spoon or spatula.

The colloidal silver solution can be transparent and may change color slightly when held up to the light. You now have a fantastic product that cost more than 9,000 DM per liter before 1940. In addition, your quality is much better than then. One teaspoon contains approximately 15 micrograms of silver. This is an amount that is commonly used as a daily dose. If you want to use the colloidal silver for illnesses, inflammations, etc., then consult the relevant available literature and/or ask your doctor or therapist about this topic. Literature and treatment protocols are available from Meditech Europe.


Electrolyser It is necessary to clean the electrodes with a soft cloth immediately after use in order to remove the coating. Any corrosion that you can’t get rid of can be removed with a soft scourer. Please never use silver cleaning agents or similar to clean the electrodes, as these agents can leave toxic residues. Swap the electrodes regularly, as one electrode will dissolve faster than the other. The Electrolyser produces colloidal silver using an electrolysis process. Microparticles of silver released from the electrodes are dissolved in distilled water.
You can get new electrodes from Meditech Europe.


Store the colloidal silver in a dark glass bottle as light destroys the suspension of the colloidal solution. The dark bottles are available from Meditech Europe or your local drugstore.


You can use the colloidal silver as a disinfectant for dishes, (dis)washing water, toothbrushes, toilet, shower, shower curtain etc. etc. You can also add a few drops to a small squirt of it to your pets’ drinking water, your plants’ irrigation water, or your aquarium, etc.


– The electrolyser is not a medical device.
– The amount of silver can only be determined with the help of laboratory tests.
– For serious medical problems: seek professional help.
– The manufacturer is not liable for misuse.
– Use at your own risk.
– Please keep the device away from children.


Technical information goes to Dr. Beck and his research into the manufacture of colloidal silver. dr Beck has published much valuable information regarding effective devices.

We wish you every success with your electrolyser.


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