Colloidal Silver Essence

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Colloidal Silver Essence
Colloidal Silver Essence is a nano-silver that has been produced using a completely unique process. The principle is very simple: the smallest, purest silver particles are loosened with a bipolar multi-frequency high-voltage resonance system. With this ingenious method, one obtains very high-quality, pure colloidal silver, which is informed with a broad spectrum of multi-frequencies, as they also occur in nature. In principle, a lightning discharge takes place between the pure silver electrodes in the distilled water, as a result of which the silver particles become detached and begin to float. This is therefore not an electrolysis process (oxidize). This method was developed by Meditech Europe.

Colloidal silver essence is particularly suitable for many unpleasant bacterial and viral ailments. Don’t forget to use deodorant or mouthwash. Wherever bacteria cause discomfort, this wonderful product can be used.

Examples of the most diverse applications are:

  • drinking water treatment
  • Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen
  • Removing unpleasant odors from your body, clothes, shoes and slippers
  • It can be added to perishable products to make them last longer
  • etc. etc.

Unique packaging
The packaging of the colloidal silver essence is made of energizing violet glass. This glass has very special properties (see violet glass). Never throw away these bottles! They can be used very well for preserving water or other products.

Why so little information?
The government does not allow us to be complete and unequivocal about the possible beneficial effects of colloidal silver and gold products, which means we are not allowed to give direct advice. However, time and science are clear on the priceless value of colloidal silver and gold. Using it is very simple and effective. The extensive and specific recommendations for use are supplied with all ordered products.

Guaranteed highest silver quality
Fine silver quality certificate available. Content Ag 999.7 ‰. Our certificate of purity is held by the Food and Product Safety Authority. Ask your dealer or he has this certificate of purity.

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1000ml bottle, 100ml spray, 250ml bottle, 30 ml nasal spray, 500ml bottle


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