Colloidal Magnesium Essence 20ppm

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Colloidal Magnesium Essence
Magnesium is a macro mineral that the body needs to build bones and muscles. Magnesium is also important for the transmission of nerve impulses and for the proper functioning of muscles. It falls under the category of mineral salts and our body does not make this mineral itself. That is why we need to add magnesium to our diet. Without magnesium, our body cannot produce energy. Without magnesium, our muscles would constantly contract. Magnesium also has an impact on the amount of cholesterol.
The colloidal magnesium essence is a nano-magnesium that is produced using a completely unique process. However, the principle is very simple: The purest, smallest magnesium particles are released with a bipolar, multi-frequency high-voltage resonance system. Thanks to this ingenious method, you get particularly high-quality, pure colloidal magnesium, which is informed with a wide spectrum of multi-frequencies, as it occurs in nature. A lightning discharge takes place between the pure silver electrodes in the distilled water, causing the magnesium particles to dissolve and float. It is therefore not an electrolysis process (oxidation).

The colloidal magnesium essence is particularly suitable for increasing activity and energy, and the addition of the colloidal silver essence has a cleansing effect.

Unique packaging
The packaging of the colloidal magnesium essence consists of energizing violet glass. This glass has special properties (see violet glass). Never throw these bottles away! You can use them well for storing water or other products.

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1000ml bottle, 250ml bottle, 30ml spray, 500ml bottle


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