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A very special and valuable device, the blood optimizer from Meditech Europe. This device was invented in 1990, two doctors found a way to affect viruses in the blood using small electric currents. With a blood optimizer it is possible to treat the blood that flows through the veins on the surface of the skin. The blood is stimulated and “unwanted guests” present in it are treated. The blood optimizer does this by creating micro-currents. These are supplied via the bloodstream and ensure the positive effect. The device is easy to use by simply placing the two electrodes on the skin in a location where blood flow is close to the skin’s surface. Think of the wrists, forearm, legs or ankles.

Positive effects of a blood optimizer

The Dutch government has determined that it is not allowed to share information about new health-promoting and potentially life-saving inventions that have not been tested and approved to pharmaceutical standards. Therefore, the information on this page is broad and no health claims are made. If you search the internet for the Bob Beck Protocol of Blood Electrification, you will quickly find more information about the great experiences other people have had with a blood optimizer. However, what we can mention is that it has a very desirable effect on your well-being.


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Stimulate your blood and drive away invaders

The Blood Optimizer is based on the work of Doctor Bob Beck. His work has helped help many hundreds of people. By treating the blood that flows through the veins on the skin’s surface, the blood is stimulated and “unwanted guests” are treated therein.

What is the technical function of the blood optimizer?

The blood optimizer generates micro-current surges that are passed through the bloodstream. This is done by placing two electrodes on the skin where a bloodstream runs down the skin’s surface, such as on the wrist, forearm, leg, or ankle.

What are the uses of the Blood Optimizer?

Dutch legislation does not allow us to describe what the many different potential health benefits can be from the blood optimizer. If you do a search yourself on the internet using the search term “Bob Beck Protocol” and/or “blood electrification” you will quickly see all the special and great experiences that many people have had using this technique. However, we can inform you that this technique has a very desirable effect on your well-being.

The Bob Beck Protocol

Doctor Bob Beck has compiled a well known and widely used protocol. This protocol consists of:

  • at least 20 minutes per day blood optimization
  • daily use of colloidal silver,
  • daily use of ozone water,
  • and daily magnetic field treatments.

All the products you need for this protocol can be purchased from our web shop. See the Related Products section below or click on the links provided.


The Blood Optimizer is a device that sends micro currents through the bloodstream. This can interfere with the functioning of cardiac pacemakers and be harmful to the neurological system of an unborn child. Therefore, the use of the blood optimizer is not recommended for people with a pacemaker or who are carrying an unborn child.


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