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The “Ozone Water Micro Generator” is the most compact ozone water generator.
It can be easily connected to the tap without any tools and does not incur any operating costs.

• Economical
• Ecological
• Removes pathogenic bacteria and viruses

Warning: do not use the Aqutos in combination with hot water
Ozone Generator Aqutos
Ozone Generator Aqutos
Original patent and with CE
United States Patent (pdf)

Aqutos ozone water aggregate

Thanks to an integrated unit, there is no need for a power connection or batteries. The aggregate generates electricity through the pressure of the flowing water.

Ozone gas is generated from oxygen in the air by high-voltage electrical discharge and dissolved in water at elevated pressure. Depending on the pressure of the flowing water, “Aqutos” can generate up to 70 mg/h of ozone. At a water pressure between 0.2 and 0.5 Mpa, the ozone concentration in the water varies between 0.3 and 0.7 mg/l.


“Aqutos” is connected directly to the water outlet opening of a fitting. With the help of plastic adapters, it can be connected to fittings of various types. No special tools are required for this. It can be attached by hand.


Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (3 x O = O3). Its oxidizing power makes it an efficient disinfectant, characterized by its rapid action and the low concentration required. It can not only destroy bacteria by oxidation, but also viruses, including norovirus, spores, fungi and many other contaminants.

Ozone is not toxic up to a certain concentration. After a short time it returns to its original form – oxygen (O2). In contrast to disinfectants based on chlorine or other commercially available active ingredients, ozone water leaves no residue of its own. Ozone is widely used in the food industry. It is also used as a food additive.
In water, ozone dissolves after a short time and is hydrolyzed from the hydroxyl radical (OH radical) – an even more effective oxygen carrier. Thus, ozone water has all the oxidizing properties of ozone.
“Aqutos” provides ozone water, which is effective but not harmful. It can be used in numerous applications.


Cleanliness is a crucial factor for everyone and the basis of a healthy life.
Thorough hand washing alone can prevent unnecessary illnesses. Washing hands with soap, while effective, is not as effective as washing with ozone water.
When washing hands with ozone water, the bacteria on the surface of the hand are destroyed, as shown in Fig. 1 shows. For example, you can sterilize your hands before meals without using disinfectant liquid in a convenient and inexpensive way.

Ozone water is also good for skin care. Normal hygiene helps keep skin clean, but ozone water can do more. It can replace lotion or moisturizer. It can be used to get rid of pimples on the face. Ozone water is even used in medicine.

Keeps food fresh

Better results when washing fish, meat and leafy vegetables with longer freshness time. And when cleaning vegetables and fruit, residues of pesticides and toxic chemical substances are also removed.
The above device is for household use and correct. This is not permitted for companies that want to make goods durable (according to the VWA). Companies can disinfect their water with ozone. ozone water

Ozone water can replace chemicals such as solvents that pollute the environment and protect the environment from pollution. Ozone water can achieve better results in watering flowers, gutting fish, cleaning pets, and disinfecting. Removes toxic substances including dust, mold odors, etc. in a highly effective manner.
Ozone is considered the most successful microbicide disinfectant and requires only a short contact time. Easy to install on all systems. Economical, ecological and efficient. Removes pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


Ozone drinking water
Drinking water

Ozone not only destroys bacteria, but also chlorine residues that cause an unpleasant taste and make tap water undrinkable. Ozonated water gives coffee and tea a good taste. The characteristic ozone taste disappears if you simply leave ozonated water for half an hour.


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