Aquaphor RO-202S reverse osmosis system


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Intellectual and fully automatic reverse osmosis cleaner with an innovative storage tank that allows exceptionally fast filling with little water loss. Automatically adjusts for maximum clean water recovery. Optimizes the calcium and magnesium concentration depending on the original water hardness.

Aquaphor RO-202S produces delicious and completely safe, soft and odorless water, regardless of the starting water quality. Takes up only a third of the space under the sink typically allocated for classic RO systems.

Additional features of the Aquaphor RO-202S:
– The built-in electric pressure pump enables efficient operation with low mains water pressure
– the built-in pressure pump ensures a fast and even flow of clean water from the drinking water tap
– the automatic reminder with light and sound display helps to keep track of the timely filter change

  • Replacement filter cartridge K5 1 piece
  • Replacement filter cartridge K2 1 piece
  • Replacement membrane cartridge RO-100 (100gpd) 1 piece
  • Water tank: integrated tank
  • Clean water storage tank: 5 L
  • Reverse osmosis membrane performance GPD: 100


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